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Submit A Coupon for ShopRite here. You can, of course, walk into any ShopRite and use coupons to save money. But the supermarket also offers convenient shopping from home. From artisan breads to decorative poinsettias, you use the service to have all your groceries hand-selected by a ShopRite personal shopper. There is no shopping minimum so get what you need and only what you need. Use any number of payment methods to complete the transaction. Afterward, pick the items up at your local store or have them delivered to your door. You can also use your coupons when shopping online. Find them on the store's website or on a coupon site.

Just make sure any coupon you use follows the store's guidelines. You will have to have an online account with ShopRite to use their service. Open one and log in. After you've loaded up your shopping cart, begin the checkout process. After the Online Payment verification, you will come to the Payment screen. Here there will be a box for promotion codes. Copy and paste any coupon code here and complete the checkout. ShopRite likes to see itself as a family serving families.

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ShopRite believes their family has been in service to generations of families. Many of the organization's operations are family owned, even being passed down from anywhere between second to fourth generations. Wakefern Food Corporation was built on the ambition and dreams of a small group of people associated with groceries. It was when a Del Monte Foods sales rep gathered a group of Newark, New Jersey, grocers who were dissatisfied with their wholesale goods prices.

They were convinced their independence made them vulnerable to stubborn distributors and unflinching price negotiations.

Much like the grocer model started by Piggly Wiggly decades earlier, the new company planned to use volume to manage lower prices. In , the name ShopRite was created. ShopRite has become the largest employer in its New Jersey home state and the biggest retailer-owned cooperative in the country with over 50, employees across the Tri-State area, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The company is comprised of members who own and independently operate supermarkets under the ShopRite name.

In the late s, one of the company's larger members, Supermarkets General, left Wakefern.

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In , that fraction of stores became Pathmark. Feeling the loss, Wakefern focused on recovery, expanding aggressively. Within a decade, they restored the numbers lost by Supermarkets General's departure. Since the beginning, Wakefern Food Corp. Wakefern's participation provides peace of mind for grocers who know they are getting good prices, allowing them to focus more on ShopRite's mission to support its communities with an exemplary customer experience.

Still headquartered in New Jersey, Wakefern has over 2.

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They have a fleet of over 2, trailers and tractors that travel over 35 million miles a year, making this one of the largest private fleets on the East Coast. In order to complement its success, ShopRite strives to support its customers and communities in the best ways. Here are 15 ways to save at ShopRite. Create an Account Online. You'll also get access to your past purchases and shopping lists, recipes, a tally of your Price Plus points and more.

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Join the Price Plus Club. Members of ShopRite's Price Plus Club get instant cash discounts on hundreds of items throughout the store at checkout, as well as special offers and promotions like free items around the holidays and exclusive mailings and offers. Shop the Circulars. Set your home ShopRite location online and gain access to weekly circulars with tons of coupons and savings deals happening right now at your nearest store. Take Advantage of the SavingStar Program.

Join the SavingStar program by setting up an account, then check out the offers page to see what's available for a discounted price. Click on the offers you like and they'll get linked directly to your store loyalty card. Use your card at checkout and the savings will be added to your SavingStar account. Use a Rewards Credit Card. Some credit cards reward you handsomely for grocery shopping.

Full card review right here. Just be sure to pay any balance you put on a cash back credit card off in full — otherwise, you'll lose those dollars to interest. You can see how your credit card balances are affecting your credit score by viewing your free credit report summary on Credit.

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If it's available in your area, customers who sign up to use ShopRite from Home can check out the Shop Rite from Home promotions page for access to even more deals, like discounts on delivery, savings on health and wellness products, baby and pet items, etc. Load Up on Manufacturer Coupons. ShopRite will accept these! Find the Catalina Machine. Catalina machines are usually located on the side of the register ask the customer service rep if you aren't sure if your local ShopRite has one. Most of these deals require you to purchase a certain dollar amount or quantity of product before you can use it on your next purchase, but once you do so the savings can really add up.

Though this sale only happens once a year usually in January , it's worth the wait to stock up on grocery goods, especially non-perishable items, throughout the store when it does. Seek Out the Wall of Values. When you're in your local ShopRite, make a beeline for the Wall of Values — usually right by the front door near the produce section — for dry goods on discount. Search Online for More Coupons. Use sites like Retail Me Not and Coupons. Follow ShopRite on Social Media. The grocery superstore shares all their biggest sale and coupon deals on their Facebook and Twitter sites, so be sure to follow them for the latest offers.

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