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  • Taco Bell is giving away free Doritos Locos Tacos. Thanks, Golden State Warriors. - CNN.
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The RICE is just a cheap filler while they charge us more these days. They also put RICE in most of the burritos too. Well Brenda if your talking about the employers or people who own taco bell, i dont know but right now im working at a taco bell in millersburg, OH, and i agree that they need to stop putting rice on everything.

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Anybody tasted the new chicken taco rollers? What do those badboys taste like? They look good, and also which of their side dips are good? I loved the shreeded chicken taco rollers with the nacho sauce. I cannot believe they are gone already. I was so depressed!!!! The grilled stuft steak burritos are completely off the chain.

Delicious and will fill you up too. Any one notice how its cheeper to buy individual items vice the crunch slider box. Its actually 32 cents more if you buy the box vice the individual items.


Why is that. I stopped by a Taco Bell today, and the Chalupa value meal was up to 6. Just over a dollar more! The fuel cost went up and all other good and services went with them now way down and still an increase in prices????? Just picked up some of the Crunch wrap sliders. Used the mobile app to order and when I got there I confirmed to them via my mobile that I had arrived and would be coming inside to pick up my order. The girl in there was getting an attitude with me about the order that I thought they would have on a screen somewhere.

Thanks, Warriors: Here's how to get free Taco Bell today

I will. Be careful when you use the mobile app, I believe they just want you to add on a bunch of costly ingredients to drive up the price. Maybe this was just an isolated incident. I think this restaurant is amazing. Not a fan of taco bell but went through the drive through for my wife.. But my score would be a 5 at best. Update your Menu. They no longer have the Waffle Taco. I am so impressed with the Taco Bell in Las Vegas who hired a physically challenged young man. He is a wonderful employee who is very pleasant and polite. I wish more employers would do this.

Not the deal it once was. The T. V dosent say anything about at slect locations ,only for a limited time,what I want is someone to inform the stores in my area,espicaly the store on 84 and south tacoma way.

Taco Bell Value Menu

Time limit is exhausted. Username or Email Address. Skip to content. Join the Conversation Comments Thank you! This was the first webpage that had the actual menu prices!!!!! Smothered Burrito and Smothered Burrito Combos have been added to the menu.

Taco Bell extends free taco deal through Thursday because of tech issues

Thanks for the great suggestions. Added all those to the menu. Bring it back please! Bring back the pink lemonade and pins colada back to all the taco bell places. About 4. Taco Bell. The problem with Taco Bell compared to other Mexican places is.. Do you think they read our comments? To heck with making everything low calorie, I want my good beef back! Like crap. You should go to Del Taco instead to treat your depression, the food tastes way better. I work at one in Tallahassee and the prices are cheaper than what is posted here for Florida. I have a need for tacos.. Bogus advertisement.