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Celebrity Cruises Sign-up for the travel Exclusive Offer on the site. Costco Online only sales starting on November 22nd and in-person offers from November th. Guitar Center Deals on gear, accessories, and instruments. Hot Topic Black Friday deals for accessories, tees, and pop culture stuff. HSN Black Friday deals on laptops, televisions, tablets and other big-ticket electronics. Kohls Black Friday deal and door buster offers.

AWESOME Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Health-Nuts 2018

JCPenny Black Friday early access online only and in-person sale on merchandise. Neiman Marcus Deals online and in stores on shoes, fashion, gifts, handbags and more with savings and special Black Friday offers. Camera savings and lens deals, plus free ground shipping on all orders.

Office Depot Lowest prices of the season on s of items. Old Navy Open on Black Friday, check out store hours for Black Friday weekend for once-a-year opportunity to get the best clothing deals in-store and online. Parrot Discounts on electronic products. PlayStation Deals from Nov. Samsung Galaxy is one the best discounts that will be available. Sears Online now through Cyber Monday and in-store now.

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Silversea For the Black Friday Salem you can now get great value until November 26th on a selection of worldwide voyages departing in the next few months. Use code DEEP20 at checkout. Steve Madden Sale on shoes and handbags on Black Friday. Customer-centric retailing is the approach that will drive your sales way, way up. This is just as important, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

Step into 50% savings and free shipping offers.

Knowing how you can excel in your niche and industry, understanding why customers buy; these things will allow you to take off. Once you understand how to be original while staying true to your brand, prepare your inventory both in-store and online in advance. In , the traditional gift verticals of fashion and jewelry, and toys and games, saw the highest increases.

Use data and analytics to prepare your inventory with respect to your local market.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about careful, consistent, and customized marketing. Personalized email campaigns are the call-to-action that will facilitate returning customers and grow their loyalty whilst fostering brand equity. The thing that everybody is in on. Thus, leverage social media well before Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit. You can create hashtags for Twitter, use images on Instagram, or customize your profile across all platforms to show your Black Friday and Cyber Monday engagement.

And guess what? They achieved a Using psychographic data to profile your customers by seeing what psychological principles they respond to best will allow you to serve them more relevant messaging and alleviate the stress of shopping. Well, like I said, Black Friday and Cyber Monday symbolize the epitome of stressful shopping, where customers are easily frustrated, likely heckled, and prone to cart abandonment.

So, nudge them along to facilitate their shopping journey using persuasive messaging. Scarcity is very effective during Black Friday. But of course this differs per retailer. For example, during Cyber Week in , we found that Novelty words had a conversion rate of 2. The impact continued into the weeks after Black Friday with products bearing Novelty words getting a 3.

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Use segmentation, analytics, and profiling to get closer to your customers and facilitate their shopping during this busy weekend more on persuasive marketing tactics here. Knowing what emotions drive your high-value segments towards Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will boost your conversion rates overall. Mobile phones are your Holy Grail.

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Capitalize on this trend by optimizing your webshop for this device, and oh no, here we go again :. If you can have a perfect mobile webshop AND a frictionless checkout process , well:. Select region. Break out the discounts Boost your sales with automatic discounts, promo codes, or free shipping. Create a discount. Break through with marketing Showcase and share your discounts, products, and brand—wherever your shoppers are. Shopify Ping Break the ice with Shopify Ping, the free messaging app that helps you connect directly with your customers and attract new shoppers.

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Install Shopify Ping for iOS. Create a social campaign. Attract new shoppers Get your products in front of new potential customers with Facebook audience building ads, Snapchat story ads, and Microsoft Advertising campaigns. Create an awareness campaign. Create a retargeting campaign. Learn at your own pace Access free step-by-step tutorials on how to use Facebook, Instagram, Google, and email marketing to grow your business on Shopify Academy.