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Millstone Mercantile. The Simply Prim Shoppe. Patijane's Primitives. Show 10 Show All. Hello Dear Friends! This will be a short post I have stitched the design and am about to wrap up the finishing. It will be shared with you shortly. Tomorrow if all goes well! I used DMC threads Red in the design - Mahogany - vy dk. I then traced the rounds of a few wooden spools to make random circles.

The Raggedy Stitcher: Fall Freebies!

Then, I grabbed random threads from my spiderweb-mess of loose, leftover, threads and began punching. I shared the above photo on Instragram… and was pleasantly asked if it would be a pattern offering. What pattern? The answer is Instead, I will do what I can to share it with you here on my blog.

I'm not finished punching the other doodles on my fabric yet. So, I put the cloth, frame and all, on my printer and hit print. Then I went to the light box to transfer it to plain paper You may print the photos as large or small as you wish By the way, the background floss is interesting. The threads have been piling up in my stash for several years now.

Here is the post on Ginger's blog to show how it is done You should give her a visit. I'm heading back to my space heater and punch needle.

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Posted by primitivebettys at PM 5 comments Links to this post. Hello Prim Friends! Yes, it has been a long time yet again. With a new year comes new goals! I'm starting off with a little something to share with you I have a goal to have lots of finishes this year. There isn't a set number, but I want to makes lots and lots of finishes!!! I hope you do too! My sweet husband gave me a tablet for Christmas. He is urging me and cheering me! Learning how to use the tablet for drawing doodles is a bit of a challenge. Patience and focus needed!

But, I already have one finish! It is a very simple doodle I made the pattern just about 5 by 7 inches on my print Then put face down on a small bit of wool for the backing. Stitch as close the punches as possible leaving about a 2 inch opening. I use my sewing machine.

Snip the tips of the corners off to reduce bulk and then turn right sides out. I will often times save my leftover bits of wool from rug hooking. It makes a great pillow stuffing for these small pieces. I filled the pillow, but not too tight or over-stuffed. Sew the opening closed. For added goodness, I trimmed the seam with a thick noodle scrap. Using a blanket stitch and more black embroidery floss, I stitched all around to hold the wool noodle in place. My first finish of !! As always, enjoy the doodles! I love to see finishes, so please show me!

Wishing you all warm smiles and a great New Year! Posted by primitivebettys at PM 13 comments Links to this post. Good Day Dear Friends! This is my first experience with Rustic Wool Moire' Threads. I can't say I love it yet Here is how it went. First of all, I have heard so many of you raving over the thread. Of course, I had to give it a try! Unfortunately, it can't be bought local to me. So, I searched a vendor online and ordered close to 20 spools. Big purchase for me! It comes wrapped on great wood spools. For comparison DMC can be purchased local to me.

Cross Stitch Sampler Patterns

Valdani Threads and other specialty threads must be purchased online for me. There isn't a good shop near by to where we live. DMC is about. Other specialty threads are roughly the same price as Valdani. Valdani threads are neatly wrapped in a ball. DMC and the other cotton threads are not. DMC skeins are 8m. Valdani are 67mm depending on thread thickness.

The other specialty threads can vary. Checking some of my Weeks stash, they are 5 yards each. Looking for inspiration, Maggie Bonanomi's latest book was sitting on my work table. I sketched my doodle on Weaver's Cloth Working with a bunch of randomly purchased colors I was stumped.

This looked doable with what was on hand. Maggie is amazing with each and every design!

Flosstube#2: Finish, FFO's and WiP

I wasn't sure how long the spools of thread would last. Sure, I knew how much the spool held, but it wasn't clear how it would punch. Using a single thread in my Cameo Ultra Punch and a setting of The color used for the background was the one used most. What I wasn't able to see before starting, the wood spools are skinny. They do hold a great amount of thread. Here is a close up of my punching The back side The entire back And back to the front again When punching with DMC, or regular cotton floss, I use the full 6 strands of thread in my needle.

If this happens, a simple run to the store, or a quick substitution is fine.

Old Glory Soldiers: Great Primitive Pattern Freebies

When working with Valdani thread, I punch with 2 strands each time If I run out, I'm usually comfortable with substituting another color. Not knowing if there was enough of one color on hand for my little project, I kept it small. Of course, two colors could have been used to work the background. Let me talk colors On my little project, the dark red blooms are very dark. To me, they are too dark. They don't even look like blooms to me because they are so dark compared to the rest of the image.

I don't have another color in the stash that would really look any better When my order was placed, I searched through the website looking closely at each color photo to pick and choose. There wasn't a color chart. The website I was on had several pages of colors with about 10 on each page. Lighting on a computer monitor is always different than looking at something hands on.

To me, this was a rough start beginning with the order itself. Plus, because it was purchased from a website, I had to wait. My wait time was in excess of 2 weeks from order to mail box. That was depressing. It did come packaged complete and clean. It just took longer than I would have like it to.

I'm not going to say where it was purchased. Maybe I will try another site next time with quicker results. So, overall It was okay. I will use up my stash, and I might order some more. I don't hate it