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Week 11 - What is Machu Picchu? Week 12 - Who Was Genghis Khan? Week 13 - Who Was Jules Verne? Week 17 - Who is Fredrick Douglass? Week 18 - Who Was Sitting Bull? Week 19 - Who Was Wolfgang Mozart? Week 20 - What Was the Great Depression? Week 21 - Who Was Ernest Shackleton? Week 22 - What Was the March on Washington? Week 23 - Who Was Ronald Reagan? Week 24 - Where is the White House? Sync: Timeline: US Presidents.

CC Cycle 2 order set at www. Summer Read - Where is Easter Island?

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Week 2 - What are the Great Pyramids? Week 3 - What is the Taj Mahal? Week 4 - Who was George Washington Carver? Week 6 - Who was Leonardo DaVinci? Week 8 - Who was Ferdinand Magellan? Week 9 - Who was Queen Elizabeth? Week 10 - Who was Leif Erickson? Week 12 - Who was Napolean?

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Week 13 - Who was Henry Ford? Week 14 - Who was Nicolai Tesla? Week 15 - Who was Albert Einstein? Week 16 - Who was Charles Monet? Week 17 - Who was Tuskegee Airmen?

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Week 18 - Who was Winston Churchill? Week 19 - Who were the Wright Brothers? Week 20 - What was the Hindenburg? Week 21 - Where is the Eiffel Tower? Week 22 - Who is Coretta Scott King? Week 23 - Who was Marie Curie? Week 24 - Who is Nelson Mandela? CC Cycle 3 order set at www. Week 1 - Who was Columbus?

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Week 2 - What was the First Thanksgiving? Week 3 - What was the Boston Tea Party? Week 4 - What was the Declaration of Independence? Week 5 - Who Was George Washington? Week 6 - What was the Lewis and Clark Expedition? Week 7 - Who Was Davy Crockett? At Classical Conversations, testing is one small part of a larger vision to help parents assess the heart, mind, and soul of their children. For this reason, we emphasize the skill of test-taking rather than the outcome. Repeated practice removes fear from the test-taking experience. Test results merely allow parent and child to celebrate progress and discover areas for growth.

Any homeschool student, whether enrolled in a Classical Conversations community or not, may test with Homeschool Testing Services. Turned out to be croissants at the friendly dunker's, and in I went to find the place busy with the midmorning supplement to breakfast. I stood there and I stood there. Hav-ing accumulated a surfeit of ignore, I spoke to a young lady who was trotting past. At this dramatic juncture a gentleman, stranger to me, came to stand beside me in a posture of anticipation. All of which shows the advantages of being cultured, and how a fine conversation can be generated by a simple poetic reference.

Instead of standing there silent and patient, we had been brought into a scholarly rapport that made the moments fly. My Miltonian friend and I saw that she spoke the truth.

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She had six croissants three for free and five of them fitted neatly into the pasteboard box. There was no room for the sixth. The sixth went into a paper bag, and as we parted at the conclusion of this pleasant meeting my friend and I had a box apiece in the one hand and a bag apiece in t'other.