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Took a while. Put down, went to market, came back, chipped away. Bottom filled in first. Then downs fixed things. Last to fall NW. Had Koren--dunno why. Still I'm satisfied. And the Sunday magazine section sits on the coffee table singing its siren song. Z You betcha. Eboli is probably a real town, not in Sicily That's one of those cases where I actually KNEW something, instead of having just made an educated guess based on something I once saw in a puzzle Plausible, no? Have to agree with everything Rex said today about how things were phrased It's amazing how my solving experience has changed.

Used to do the puzzle, then went on with my life. Now I'm up at 1am, have finished and there was nothing posted! I wanted to discuss and there was nobody there! Now there is an emptiness if Rex hasn't posted! Thanks for the link foodie. Who nu? As for Yom Kippur, I am counting watching all of Joon's appearances, esp the one with the High Holidays category, as a papal dispensation not to have to attend services today. So, Bravo, Tim Croceverbalist! Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with todays puzzle.

My dog incident today did not go so well. Decide to take Charlie to MSU even tho it is over an hour away as they are excellent, but also there was a very slight chance that I could get some partial pro bono work. Just then the owner calls. No, Im not really believing her at this point she is not all that responsible. I ask for 5 mins to call MSU and beg for pro-bono. She gives it to me, but then calls back to say she already has her mind made up. I offered many other ways to help, but in the end she wanted to put him down. Bummer, Detour. You showed a good heart for trying.

November was a bad month: first, the Jonestown massacre and then the assassination of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk. It truly is amazing how coming to this blog improves our skills and appreciation of the process not to mention introduces us to our crossword kin. Rex, you really have made a difference!

Dirigonzo--Dittoing joho's congratulations AND dog praise. Can someone tell me how to open a Blogger account? I want MY name to come up blue too, she said petulantly. When I tried through Google it wouldn't let me change from my email address name to Maybe that's because I have an old account with my email address as user name.

Is there a way around that? Help, anyone? I guess using "koolaid drinkers" is his "cross to bear". I'm going to go back to my game and watch them "blitz" the quarterback before he throws the long "bomb". Look, he's running around like a "chicken with its head cut off".

The game's a rout; time to "pull the plug". Later I've got a date with a young babe; I'm kind of "robbing the cradle" with her. Don't get too nosy; "curiosity killed the cat". Suffice it to say it's a real "dog and pony show". It's a tiny bedroom; there's "no room to swing a cat. I did that several years ago If you click on my photo in this post you'll see what I did. I prefer not to blog, I'm having too much fun with my web site when I'm not doing crosswords. Evil: Nope. I don't think your other examples are comparable. I would accept some of them in a professional setting.

Not this kool-aid one.

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I was astounded to read archeoprof's take that "it's in the language. Use it? You're fired. We don't do that. SkuaThank you! I HOPE it worked--this post will tell the story. Evil--I agree with Norm. Not comparable at all. I understand the phrase is in the language and I don't think ill of those who use it without thinking of where it comes from, but it still elicits horrible images for me and many others. None of your examples even begin to do that. I'd have to assume you tried to think of some that would and failed, as did I.

I guess that we can overlook those pesky Nazi folks sweeping across Europe and leaving hundreds of thousands dead. And I guess the concept of kidnapping doesn't meet the standard since it's only one baby being grabbed. Let me know when an ugly image crosses your personal threshold. And that, in a nutshell, is the problem with applying PC to language: Everybody's got a different point of being offended.

That's three and out, so now I'll slink back to syndiland but I'll return if I ever conquer another Saturday puzzle.

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Unfortunately, I have to agree with Evil that "Drinking the Koolaid" is part of everyday language and said without horrendous images attached. In the language is in the language where puzzles are concerned. Well, first--I've noticed people remark about "three and out"--but I've just scoured the FAQs and everywhere else I know to look, and I can't find a rule about it.

If I'm breaking one, I'm sorry. I'll never do it again. And thanks, Dirigonzo. I too think she's quite handsome. I'm sorry anything I said was construed to mean a clue and answer about drinking the kool aid was inappropriate for the puzzle. I don't think that. Actually, I thought it was a good clue and answer. I suggested that in my first post.

I also never suggested it "offended" me. I wonder, Evil, if you noticed my line "I understand the phrase is in the language and I don't think ill of those who use it without thinking of where it comes from. I'm not the language police and don't like being characterized as such. But I'll give you kudos, Evil, for your ability to provoke. And now it's so late the rest of you are probably already solving tomorrow's puzzle. The AAA was founded in in Chicago and published the first of its celebrated hotel guides back in Car club freebie crossword clue - 1 answers car club freebie crossword Are you a fan of crosswords?

Then you have reached the right place! If you are looking for clues to solve the "Car club freebie" online crossword puzzles we can provide you with the most accurate answers for all types of types of crossword puzzles. Lets find possible answers to " Travel org. First of all, we will look for a few extra hints for this entry: Travel org.

Car club freebie - crossword puzzle clue Car club freebie crossword puzzle clue has 1 possible answer and appears in 1 publication. Updated: 1 May What a beaut from David today. Loved this. Good times.

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The first one was dumb, but I was distracted by the news. Where would be a place to get weird? The weird part involves my sleeping habits. Or lack thereof. Left alone, though, and buddy, all bets are off. In bed at 6pm up for the day at pm. This is acceptable, fine. At the local Foodland, you run into a coworker. Does her voice do this, too, when she runs into an old friend?

I know there has to be an anthropologist or sociologist out there reading this who could email me with the answer. Nerol2 at msn. Nivea also comes in cobalt; jaready realize that, too? You should comment more often. David — those four interlocking 7 parties in each corner are terrific.

I totally agree with your assessment. He is so clever, and his puzzles demonstrate an unbelievable breadth of knowledge at such a young age. At the risk of condemnation to follow, let me say I'm not sure whether he thinks it shouldn't exist open borders, why not? I actually flew through the lower half, aided by the fact that my Apple ID has been a problem since jump street. I knew Chicago and that a football club that old had to be soccer, so the NW fell into place.

I hit a wall in the NE. Sounds like something from a commercial, plus new to seemed like better English than new at. But being a schmuck sometimes myself I got through. Steinberg always challenges! Great Saturday! This was one of your better late week solves. It took me 14 minutes longer than yesterday's. I just went back to the north center and started on the NW corner. That was the one section that solved quickly.

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Coming around the NW corner 1,2 and 3D all dropped right in. I have no idea what that nasty tasting red stuff is in those green olives but for all I know it could be made from seeds. Hotels don't give you anything that ends with an M so I wasted a great deal of time trying to make sense of 49A. Once again I just restarted elsewhere. It was only after finishing that I took the time to notice how clean the puzzle was and the high quality of the 7s in all four corners.

As for this ICE controversy I have to admit I was a bit put off by being reminded of what they are currently doing. This was the only speed bump in that NW corner and it wasn't much. Raids ate part of ICE's duty like it or not. There's plenty of good reasons to be angry over how ICE is currently being used but directing that anger at the NYT is a waste of energy. When rolls around direct it where it belongs. I've started solving on paper because I found, when I needed to do a paper puzzle, it seemed more difficult.

Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance for your comments.

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ICE does lots of other useful stuff other than immigration enforcement. But, on the other hand, family separation -- an unequivocal national disgrace -- is strongly linked in the public's mind with ICE; so much so that I expect the next rational president we get fingers crossed will re-organize and rename ICE. While I was solving, it didn't even occur to me to think about ICE much at all. It was a short answer and it fell in easily for which I was grateful, in this bear of a puzzle and I didn't give it a second thought. As for the rest of the puzzle -- it was hard. I was trying to think of an NFL team that could claim origins in Even after solving 16A I still couldn't figure out what it was..

And that's just the first two lines of the puzzle! The list goes on.. Demonstrated that spooky forces at a distance were a thing when he passed a through a coil of wire could cause a compass to change its orientation near wires that were connected to said spool far away. Really a shame to muddy a classy effort like this with nasty and as our 1st poster, Jim C so aptly observed gratuitous cluing. I know I say this a lot, but WS keeps lowering the bar. I keep thinking these puzzles can't get worse -- and they get worse, much worse. This puzzle has way too many problems.

It was a challenge not because it was difficult or clever or tricky but because of what are inaccurate clues really. They play soccer.

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  7. This is America not Europe. Not so difficult. And then again at 54D the clue is "One guarded in football". Soccer players use shin guards, but football players only occasionally use them. This is totally bogus. Schmuckler as we all should know is German for jeweler. That has evolved over time to the Yiddish definition which is penis, NOT dummy. But a schmuck is how I would characterize the dummy who used this clue in this way in a Saturday Times puzzle. I was surprised to see my time was just short of 24 minutes - it seemed much easier than that but I got hung up in the SW.

    I was convinced 40D was going to be some sort of ethics word. I bared my teeth at the I. I understand, though. It's not just raids either. I was just about to ask if anyone else found the clue for 1D head-scratching when I read it for the 3rd time and finally saw how it could 'work'.

    Casino lineup Daily Clue 18 January 2017 LA

    David, another fine Saturday. I think the point is that, regardless of how you feel about I. Rex is saying that, for many people, the idea of I. Why should a word that is so so so easily clued another way be clued with this heavy connotation? The men and women of I. While the I. As already noted, it means penis in yiddish and is a low class slur.

    Why would you put that in a NYT crossword?? Not the most erudite effort. Crude juvenility like 8a always seems to make an appearance in Steinberg's puzzles. While reading Stieg Larsson. I wonder if they knew each other. All Scandinavians know each other, right? I remember reading somewhere that they and Princeton were the first of the first in football games.

    I'm glad I didn't pen it in. I knew lechazo was LAMB. I didn't understand why it was clued as the main ingredient. Lechazo mean suckling LAMB. What other ingredient is there? Let's see Hmmm where did I even begin?

    The absolute hardest entries for me were all the 3 letter clues and answers. Yeah, Raiding grp.? Wow, I learn something new every day. I bet Loren and I even sat across from each other at Tipotas- drinks in hand. He's my future son-in-law. That's what I initially had for 44D. Change comes with consequences. Today I used the Goog. Not ashamed of it. The three letter entries got me good. I really loved this puzzle. Thank you, David. Not much to add to today's comments. We got Apple ID after a few crosses because -- well, we both have iPhones. Note to beginners: if a question relates to recordings, and the answer is three letters, chances are its EMI.

    Similarly, if the clue is about a type of music, and the answer is three letters, chances are its EMO. If not that, then SKA. I agree with others that spoon and NECK are equivalent only if you go back in time. Sounds like green paint. I am a legal immigrant, and before I became a naturalized citizen I had several interactions with INS, the predecessor agency. I found them amazingly obstructionist and annoying, and both of my American husbands serially, no bigamy involved went ballistic over their behaviour.

    However, I hadn't even noticed ICE was in the grid until I read Rex's blog, as I got those squares from the crosses, and now it has been pointed out I can't say I feel in any way upset. Finally fed up with you using this blog as your political soapbox. Done reading and donating to it. No less than 10 unknowns. Did like passing concern and Bud to chill with. Crosses can fill only so many voids. Aced a challenging puzzle at last!

    David Steinberg is Will's buddy. Doesn't matter what words are in puzzle, he will get published. Will is truly getting more tone deaf as the months and years go by. I know he's retirement age, just give it up, buddy, and hand over the reins to one of your young friends. Then you can submit some puzzles yourself. If you are going to correct the puzzle, at least be correct. In America,our first thought is the nfl. Very few people would not know that football is soccer in the entire rest of the world, so totally legitimate clueing.

    It worked as I put in chin strap first. We could also sit and debate understandings of schmuck, but commonly understood in the dummy realm A little Yiddish is a dangerous thing, as they say. Or don't say. So I went to check it. I finished all that had stymied me in less than 15 seconds. But, still, I cheated. So, sadly, a DNF. Here's a Steinberg I loved. No pop culture today. Very few non-knowable names. Just a very, very crunchy puzzle that needed all of my gray cells to [almost] solve. A terrific Saturday. While it is sometimes used that way, the typical and more correct usage is as a substitute for "dick".

    Definitely not a word to use in the company of anyone's Yiddish-speaking grandparents. BTW "schmuck" is one of many mildly vulgar Yiddishisms for the male organ along with "schmeckle," "putz," "schlong," etc. Why is it Ok to use Yiddishisms? Just asking, given that the NYT has several timely articles about anti-Semitism in today's edition, and a review of scholar Deborah Lipstadt's timely book on the subject in tomorrow's Book Review.

    Agree strongly that "Moscato" which I had never heard of before but got from the crosses and "Sambuca" which I initially spelled with an "o" at the end are unconscionably obscure. Hugh Laurie's iconic TV sourpuss is usually referred to as "House" and the honorific is only there because the constructor needed it to complete the fill as the NYT crossword continues to descend to Trumpian levels of anti-intellectualism, poor quality, and utter malarkey.

    They make no sense. Hey All! Tough clues, lots of "third definition" type clues. Although it seems like it would be a sexy pose. It was a nicely filled puz, no dreck. Agree that ICE should've been clued differently. Or Frozen cubes. Or Rocks. Or Diamonds. Or Greenland covering, Antarctica covering, Polar Vortex covering.

    Just sayin'. Phil didn't see his shadow! That means Early Spring! Cross your fingers. And, no F's. Poor guys. David Steinberg over at Xwordinfo says it has been used in articles in the paper previously. Things like, when there are articles about poor people, showing pictures of Black people, even though there are actually more white people living in poverty in this country. Anyway, as Mrs. Lincoln said, aside from that I liked the play. I loved the puzzle -- whenever I put in a less than desirable entry, like "viabLE ID" it turned out to be wrong.

    I guess a truly up-to-date answer would have been "fingerprint," but maybe this was accepted a couple years ago. I didn't know what "lechazo" was, and thought hmmm, leche? Lech - azo? Took too long, I couldn't think of any four-letter words ending with B. It was making me crabby. That's the essence of a good puzzle, for me. I mean, you could use it and get intelligible phrases, but it's hardly crossworthy. OK, ICE. I can see the point, but my initial reaction, before coming here, is that a "raiding organization" is not a pleasant thing. I'd have reacted differently if the clue were "border protectors.

    I had known it meant 'jewelry' in German, and as an English speaker thought it was a shame they were stuck with such an ugly word for pretty things. I'm going to suggest an alternative to the ICE clue, that I hope is more palatable to the white people on this blog. I will start by saying that I agree that the other term should never have been included in this puzzle.

    But honestly, I think ICE in this puzzle serves as a reminder for complacent white people who don't have to deal with the realities of ICE raids, that they are very much a thing that is still happening. It may be tough to see, but it's a lot harder for the people whose homes and lives are being raided. And I think we could all do with the reminder, wherever it is possible, that this is very much a reality of the DJT presidency for millions of people who might NOT be solving the NYT crossword puzzle.

    Is it hard to be reminded that these terrible things are happening? Yes, but it's even harder to live through these raids, and we owe it to the people who experience that to remember what they're going through. If that means our crossword has a clue that's a little tough to stomach, that's fine by me. Yes, ICE should have been clued differently. Tower Records sold CDs displayed in stacks.

    Buckley If you don't like ICE, then how do you propose the government protect the border. I'm guessing you couldn't perform their job half as well. They often end on a for them low note. When the answer finally came in, I was annoyed because I didn't think it was fair or accurate.