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Master Plasma Center Technician. Medical Historian. Manager Trainee. Training Supervisor. Registered Nurse. Quality Manager. Licensed Practical Nurse.

The hours I worked were fantastic. Most days my shift was done by 2. Good "foot in the door" job for people looking to get into the medical field. It's a good experience starter job, especially those going into the medical field. If you're looking to advance in the company to management positions it's a good company too. Productive and a fun place to work. This company is a great company to work for, if you don't mind having a very irregular schedule!

They offer great incentive plans, vacation and insurance right off the get-go. Excellent place to work. In every way Biolife is a great place to work and we are an industry leader in training, customer service, and quality.

3114 Union Ave, Sheboygan, WI 53081

We rock! If my skills were better suited for BioLife I would stay, but my interests are of a mechanical nature and I would prefer to eventually move in that direction. Biolife was a rewarding experience. Working at Biolife makes you feel you really good about helping people and saving lives. There's alot of work to be done there, but it wasn't all bad. Very fast paced company to work for.

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A great place to work if you enjoy a very fast paced company. Hundreds of plasma donor's in and out each day. Benefits begin the day you start. Biolife was recently bought out by another company and we lost all of our holidays and No lunch on Sundays.. This place is opened 7 days's a week. Management can take it or leave it. They all have their favorite employees who advance much quicker than most.

Fun, easy place to work. I liked working at the plasma center!

New Donors receive $300 in 5 donations - BioLife Sheboygan (Sheboygan)

I was able to learn very quickly, which meant I could move up within the company. Moving up or growing with a company is ideal for me. Plasma center employee. I started as a nurse and was promoted to assistant manager and then center director. I participated in all aspects of management to include operations, facility, logistics, training and research. My job was highly regulated and I won awards yearly for compliance and knowledge in my field. Travelled to other sites to perform crisis management duties. Poor quality of supervisors, AM's are good. The employees are cared about as much as the machines are.

It is a fast paced environment. It has cliques, and if you aren't viewed as being a worthwhile commitment, management won't work with you to excel and work towards advancement. Several supervisors still act like they are in high school. They will ask you to do things that you know that they will not do themselves. The most enjoyable part of the job is getting to know and talking to some of the donors. The hardest part of the job is dealing with the favoritism that runs throughout the center.

If not, what could be the side effects, if any, after the donation? Would the donation prevent me from driving a car soon after? Your past heart attack and current heart medications will not likely disqualify you from donating plasma at BioLife. Your acceptance into the plasmapheresis program mostly depends on the type and severity of the medical condition s for which you are being treated. Is there a higher compensation rate if you are Rh negative?

I thought I read that somewhere, so could that be the difference in compensation rates?


We will let you know when Biolife provides us with an answer. Just wanted to provide you with a solid answer to your question. All source plasma is paid out the same. Am I doing something wrong? They consider one week to be Monday through Thursday. We updated the article to clear up the compensation difference between a first and second weekly visit.

It sounds like if your schedule permits, donating twice in one week can be very lucrative! I currently have just signed up to donate at the Oshkosh WI donation center. Since you are in a college town, I imagine that BioLife will have answered this question for students like yourself in a similar situation. I hope this helps! How long should I wate between each donation. And if I can donate twice a week does that mean wate 7 day from my first visit or 7 days from second visit that week.

To find out more details, you can contact your local donation center; contact information is provided on the BioLife website when you type in your state and choose the nearest center. Skip to content.

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Is It Painful? What Is Plasma Donation? The donor goes on to the website to schedule the next appointment, which is very easy.