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They were in small bags with a handful of dirt and had labels that said "bleeding heart" slapped on over the labels that read "daylily. Not at all what I ordered. Not even close. I'll be getting a refund for those as well. I will update again assuming I ever receive the remainder of my order or if I have to ask for yet another refund.

I live in the country and my house is surrounded by mature trees that provide lots of shade, so I made it a point to order things that would thrive, or at least tolerate, partial shade. The remainder of my order was supposed to contain a grab-bag of shade perennials. Well, I got some plants all right but not one of them was a shade perennial.

They might have been labeled as such, but someone who obviously doesn't know jack about plants put those labels on. When I did my own research, the plants they sent ended up needing at least 6 hours of sun a day. Pretty sure that's considered a full-sun plant, and my walnut trees aren't going to let that much sun through. On top of that, I had also ordered a collection of bare-root ferns.

I ended up with a few bags full of fern roots that were growing around each other and a hot tangled up mess. I have since requested, and received, a full refund but that does not in any way make me happy. It is now moving in to a hot and humid mid-western summer so it looks like I'll be waiting for fall and next spring to start my garden after all. So disappointed. Do not spend your garden budget at this nursery. I apologize for all your inconvenience. I received me dutchman's Pipe without issue and it is doing well. Since this was the first time I used Spring Hill, I went into the FAQ's about shipping and saw that their website said items would ships in days.

Total days - not business days. Well last Sunday 19th I finally get some time to get my finance counted and check some email when I see that Spring Hill charged be the amount for my plants on the day I ordered it. Being that I planned on the money coming out it was no big deal, I was just excited because I believed that meant I they shipped the plants. Which according to their website and email, is a few days passed the shipping time for my zone, and passed the 14 days of when I should be receiving my plants. The next day I sent an email to Spring Hill, expressing my anger and wanting an explanation as to why this will be taking so long.

No reply Yesterday May 22 I was checking my email and saw an email from Spring Hill saying information on my account has changed. I was beyond myself. After locating their Customer Service Number, I was even angrier when the idiot on the other line said things like, "Well I don't know why but, ummm I can't explain it right, but like the season is not really the season. Oh he also said that 1 of the plants were delayed. When asking about the charge on my account when they haven't even shipped yet, he said that was the policy for the 15 companies they support.

Things didn't get better when the supervisor Paula got on the phone. One she said that the website is wrong it is supposed to say 14 business days and 3 to 4 weeks, which didn't make sense. Then she informs me that 3 my items are on back order so I will only get 1 of my orders between the 7 to 27th of June. To not make this longer. I bitched then asked for a refund. She was supposed to send me an email in regards to the refund and my order being cancelled today, but still no email. By the way, the 15 companies they support are all owned by Gardens Alive who is said to own many of the other online nurseries.

I apologize for the problem you had with your order and the way our customer service handled it. I will have one of our customer service supervisors contact you for your account information. Supposedly the rest of order is to ship end of June. They stated all items were in stock, why are they shipped separately??? I have ordered from at least 5 other internet companies that have shipped everything within 2 weeks. I will never buy from them again! One of our customer service representatives will contact you for your account information and check on your order for you.

Springhill charged my credit card immediately and perhaps ten days later I received confirmation that my order had been shipped. The plants were very healthy and much bigger than I anticipated. I am pleased with the transaction and glad that I don't have to post negative feedback. I would take a chance with them again if the price was right! On April 8th, , gandyman33 changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following: Spring Hill does a massive advertising campaign in the spring I receive an email special just about everyday!

The problem with this is that they are extremely overwhelmed and behind on filling orders. They are so short staffed that the customer service representative are not native English speakers subsequently customer service is less than ideal a scripted conversation. I told him that this was unacceptable and that I wanted my plants shipped immediately and that now was the time to starting planting in my zone.

He said he would put a rush on my delivery, which is what he probably tells everyone who calls. I am very frustrated and disappointed with Spring Hill's customer service and if you want you plants immediately be prepared to wait until "the proper planting time for your zone" or shop elsewhere. On May 21st, , gandyman33 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: Earlier this Spring I was fustrated at the inability to get my items shipped promptly. SpringHill heard my complaint and took positive action to get my plants delivered.

Plants arrived in good condition and a couple of the passion flower plants were a lot bigger than I expected. Of particular note is the outstanding level of customer service I received from Donna many thanks! Enjoy your trees! We are able to put orders on a rush for customers to help their order ship as soon as the items are available. We do ship our items according to the USDA zone openings. I ordered 6 bearded iris last spring.

They arrived in time for the proper fall planting time and were in excellent condition.

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Unfortunately a rough winter and only 3 survived. I called SpringHill this morning and within minutes a new order was submitted to replace the 3 lost iris. The representative was fantastic. I did not have my order number or the exact names of the iris, but this rep. Needless to say this is my catalog of choice. Thank you Spring Hlll for great product and great customer service.

I am happy we were able to take care of this for you and enjoy your Iris. I have bought plants from them in the past and had been happy with their service, until now. On May 1, , I placed an order and was charged immediately for it. I emailed the company on May 7th asking for a status and I am yet to get a response. I called customer service which is in Philippines and like other customers, had a very difficult time understanding them. I asked to speak to manager and was refused. I wish I had known of this website prior to my order.

As can be expected, I will not shop with them any more and will look to take appropriate action to get my money refunded On May 20, , Spring Hill Nursery aka SpringHillNursery. I apologize for the problems you are having with the shipping of your order. The Philippines are an over flow call center we use during our busy season so we can take care of all our customers. I will have one of our customer service representatives contact you for your account information and check on your order for you.

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This year i had 7 that didn't survive the winter. All were replaced plus i received a R O on some. All were in excellent condition when received. They all arrived in a timely manner and were in excellent condition. I am very pleased with Spring Hill.

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They are always very helpful when i call,and very friendly on the phone. Thank you so much Spring Hill and i will continue to order from you. Thank you, Jim Strutz , Willmar Mn. We truly appreciate you taking the time to post. On May 1, I had another order which I have yet to receive. I sent an email I called and course their "customer service" is a call center in a third world country.

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  • I could not understand most of what he said. But essentially it amounted to you will receive your order by the end of May.

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    Totally unacceptable. He then stated he could put a "rush" on it. To date the order shows "in processing" what a joke of a company, never again. On May 15th, , duchess56 added the following: and sooooo it continues Since the company was taken over I have had trouble. I was assured that was not the case and was resent the order.

    Again, they came up pink so I gave up. Then another time I ordered a variety of Iris that I liked in reds and oranges to offset all this pink I had in my garden. Instead of contacting me about not having certain varieties they chose what they wanted to send me. Most of which were dull, ugly reds and not the vibrant ones I had chosen.

    I also noticed on a recent order that they will guarantee the plant for one year instead of the lifetime guarantee they used to offer. So with the high cost of their plants and the new guarantee I guess it must be time to find another nursery. A red one called Shogun, A purple one, and a Yellow one. They sent me some very tiny starts. This is the first year they bloomed. They were all Louisiana Irises that were the same yellow color with a thin blossom.

    None of them were the plants I paid for.

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    • I purchased them under a lifetime guarantee but I don't have record of the order number so the customer service rep said there was nothing she could do. On August 16th, , hornetstingme changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following: Dear Customer, I was able to locate your account and found the order for the Japanese Iris.

      Unfortunately the iris are no longer available so I have issued a replacement certificate which you can use for any of our merchandise. The certificate will be in the amount of Let me know if you need anything else. Donna Thank You Spring Hill. On August 20th, , hornetstingme added the following: I received an email stating that they no longer offered those japanese iris plants and so they said they sent me a certificate valued at A week later I have not received any certificate in the mail.

      I'm still waiting. Their ad said the collection was under warrantee. I can buy a pot of 10 Japanese Iris from the local nursursy. On September 10th, , hornetstingme added the following: Buyer beware. They said they would send me a certificate for I was worried about my order after the Japanese iris bloomed and were not true to name The German Bearded Iris bloomed this Spring and all of them are true to name, color, height, bloom time, and image. I would be o. I will have one of our customer service representatives contact you for your account information and locate your order and have these reshipped to you.

      Despite reviews on Watchdog, I ordered from Spring Hill because I'd recently spoken to a fellow gardner who had a good experience. But today I cancelled both my orders placed May 2nd and May 13th for the following reasons: 1 - Since the website immediately confirmed my order, I was led to believe all plants were in stock. When my order confirmation returned later, it noted that one of my plants, a common groundcover, would not be shipped until September. I cancelled both orders. When I was asked why, I gave the above reasons and added that, because I could have gotten my groundcovers locally, I did not want to lose a year of growth to find out that maybe the plants would not take the following spring.

      Also Spring Hill hadn't gotten my email. What if long about September my plants never arrived and I had to depend on their cooperation to resolve the problem? Earlier, I was willing to accept that they would not combine my order for 5 little plants. I'm sure my friend DID have a good experience and meant well in suggesting them to me. The proof is in the compost - they did not make me a happy customer. And the unfortunate thing is, I seem to be part of the majority now, and am compelled to de-recommend Spring Hill.

      Nichelle, Olivia and Mom in the Shogun Monaca Pa

      But I can say, Spring Hill Nursery agents who took my calls were polite and good listeners, and tried to take action - even though the only successful action was to cancel my order. In closing, believe all these WatchDog reviews. Spring Hill is now on my "red" list until improvements in their company policies and practices convince me otherwise. It claimed it would be viable in my zone 4a yet now I see conflicting information on their website - it lists both zones and So I guess I have my fingers crossed.

      The plant shipped at the appropriate time this spring, but it took 8 days to get here, and when I got it, it was sodden and half dead. I called customer service and was immediately issued a new plant and requested expedited shipping, even if I had to pay extra. I ended up not being charged for it.

      The new order took a while to process, but it arrived within a reasonable amount of time after shipping. This plant was much bigger and healthier. I have both in the ground now - I'm trying to nurse the first one back to health - and we'll see how they survive a Wyoming winter I'll be mulching them heavily in the fall so hopefully at least the new one will make it.

      I'm calling this neutral because they have remedied the problem, but have conflicting info on their site and their initial shipment was substandard. I don't know if their plants will make it??? I hadn't paid them anything so nothing ventured, nothing lost. Then this week in the mail I get a dun notice.

      It says the plants were shipped 2 weeks ago. Not only did the plants not come but they were invoicing me for double what the plants were worth. Now everybody knows there are no businesses that ship their product without it being paid for. I wrote back for them to "stuff it". I have not yet received any answer and don't expect to. These folks will sell your address to anyone and are tied in with other scam companies like Mich. Avoid these people like the plague. Despite being initially "in stock" on their website, ordering over the phone I was told that they were all on back order and would ship last week of April or first week of May.

      On May 10, I got one of the four plants. The final 3 were to come the next week. I will be reporting them to the BBB and negative reviews elsewhere if this issue is not resolved. Disneyland uk military discount. Jymlocker discount code. Where can i find sunday newspaper coupons. Discount dental work. Glasses usa discount coupon code. Thai craft warehouse coupons in store. Metal shop eu discount voucher.

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